Higher Ground

25 Sep

I’ve been crawling to the mountains,
Skinned my knees with blood and hope,
If I stayed standing I’d be drowning,
The rising waters made me choke.

As I am getting nearer,
My mission is coming clear.
I know this road,
Never seen it before…
I know what lies behind unopened doors,
I saw the signs from the distant shore
That I couldn’t ignore…
I’m heading for higher ground!

I left everyone behind me,
I took everything I know…
Half way up and I’m still climbing,
Still a million miles to go.
The water is drawing nearer,
As everything disappears…
I’m heading for higher ground!

And my foot slips but I don’t quit,
And my hand grips the rock,
Something pulls deep…
From within me… Til I get there, I won’t stop!
I’m heading for higher, higher ground….

Way up here, the air is thin,
Feels like I could go so far…

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Publicado por en septiembre 25, 2011 en Poems


2 Respuestas a “Higher Ground

  1. Guille Pineda

    septiembre 27, 2011 at 4:28 am

    Esto es el exito muy sabias palabras 🙂



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